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Start creating the wiring illustration you need. Select the regulation unit and program you wish to work with.
Select you features t.ex. Connect card, heating etc. to get your connect illustration is completed.
Now your connect illustration is completed and you can generate a pdf or you can save it to your project by clicking 'Add to project'.
  • Regulation unit
    • Regula Combi
    • Regula Duo
    • Extract Ultra link Controller (EUC)
  • Program
    • 1. Water
    • 2. VAV
    • 3. eHybrid
    • 4. Change Over Digital
    • 5. Change Over Sensor
    • 6. Pascal VAV Supply
    • 7. Pascal VAV Exhaust
    • 8. Pascal VAV Water
Add to project
Regula Combi

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