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lindQST update 5.4

Monday, April 8, 2019


  • New! New linear diffusers: LTD, LTDF and LTDP has now been released and are available

  • New! New versions: A great range, approximately 40 product models, has been update with a new version

  • New! Auto-update product: A new feature has been implemented which allows your product(s) in your project to be automatically updated to the latest version if possible

  • New! Project: You can now use the new feature in My Projects to search for a project

  • Improved! Security and encryption has been updated to a newer version

lindQST update 5.3

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


  • New! Support for product versioning: Users may now update their products from the project overview page if an update is available

  • New! Support for EuroVent certification: A great range of Lindab's AirDuct products are now EuroVent certified

  • New! Support for new Slovenian market

  • Improved! Security and encryption has been updated to a newer version

  • Improved! Images for waterborne connection types has been added

  • Improved! Design and layout of an project room book excel export has been adjusted

Indoor Climate Designer

  • Improved! Product velocity calculations

  • Improved! Extended support for Flowshape intersections in various situations

lindQST update 5.2

Monday, October 2, 2017


  • New! Project Overview and the Indoor Climate Designer is now available for non-registered users!

  • Improved! Fans moved from account level to project level

Indoor Climate Designer

  • New! Added quick-print button in your project tree

  • New! Keyboard commands: CTRL + C for copy, + A for selecting, + P for print

  • New! Floor overview available in 3D view

  • Improved! ICD toolbar visually updated and better mobile support

lindQST update 5.1

Monday, July 10, 2017


  • New! Front page re-design for easier navigation

  • Improved! Your current project is now highlighted for viability

  • New! The project overview page allows you to get a good overview of your project and can serve as a hub for managing your project

  • Improved! Adding a product to your project will automatically detect duct system type


  • Improved! Design and layout of PDF prints more clear and easier to read

  • New! Project report - you can now create a project report from a complete project or a selected list of products

  • Removed! Print list-feature has been replaced by Project report

Indoor Climate Designer

  • New! 0 degrees Distribution Profile for Cooling beams is re-activated with new calculation method

  • New! Reverberation time is now calculated based on selected room type

  • New! You can now set the display order of your rooms in the project tree

  • New! You can now select objects in 3D-view

  • New! You can now use DELETE-key on the keyboard to remove selected object

  • New! Product notifications, such as errors/warnings, are now shown in the Technical-tab

  • Improved! User input validation resulting in less crashes and "hangs"

  • Improved! Vertical calculation model for cooling beams now allows air speeds at the floor

  • New! Coanda effect is now calculated for all cooling beams


  • New! Plexus ISA variant is now available

Product Selectors

  • New! You can now add multiple products to your project

Acoustic Selector/Calculator

  • Improved! Editing a silencer will remember the fan associated with that silencer

  • Improved! It is now easier to see the silencer placement in the system

New features for version

Friday, March 10, 2017

Improved product- and documentation search

  • Product- and documentation search has been improved. Results are now better sorted according to your search phrase.

  • Product information at your fingertips. Hovering over a result will give you instant access to all product information and where to go from here.

lindQST 5 Released! Version

Monday, February 27, 2017


  • Modern responsive design

    - A new dropdown menu has been added for quick access to all front page tools

  • Silencer Calculator

    - Calculate the performance of a specific selected silencer

  • Silencer Selector

    - Search for silencers by attenuation, sound generation or sound after silencer in the system

  • CADvent connection

    - Transfer rooms and products between CADvent and lindQST.

  • Duct leakage calculator

    - Calculate the payback and efficiency when going from one duct leakage class to another.

  • Improved Indoor Climate Designer

    - Larger graphics work area

    - Use a background drawing when designing your rooms

  • Fans Selector

    - Search for fans.

  • New products

    - Added configurators for rectangular grilles

  • Extended user project

    - Introducing duct systems

  • Quick Settings

    - Quickly access settings throughout lindQST.

  • Improved Documentation search

    - Includes documentation for Air Duct Systems product range

    - You can now search for documents in addition to products.

  • WebAPI

    - Exposes functionallity of lindQST to external clients such as mobile apps.

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